Leopoldplaats 12

Antwerp, Belgium

open: thursday - saturday, 14:00 - 18:00



+32 (0)474 57 88 46

after several years of running a gallery in the southern part of the city, supporting a range of Belgian and international artists, mariondecannière has moved to a new location in the heart of Antwerp at Leopoldplaats.


mariondecannière offers a platform to independent curators, working in close collaboration with emerging and established artists.


mariondecannière is a contemporary art gallery located in Antwerp, Belgium, that gives opportunities to national and international artists.

mariondecannière welcomes artists, regardless of age, and is not bound to represent a list of artists.

in collaboration with Frederik Vergaert, former artistic director of the late Lokaal01, mariondecannière has a program where solo exhibitions alternate with group shows.


you can find us on facebook and instagram.



mariondecannière is een hedendaagse galerie in Antwerpen, die mogelijkheden wil bieden aan nationale en internationale kunstenaars.

mariondecannière verwelkomt kunstenaars ongeacht hun leeftijd, en is niet geaffilieerd met specifieke kunstenaars.

in samenwerking met Frederik Vergaert, gewezen artistiek directeur van het voormalige Lokaal01, presenteert mariondecannière afwisselend solo- en groepstentoonstellingen.


u kunt ons ook vinden op facebook en instagram.

photography : Tomas Uyttendaele, unless otherwise specified

font: Orkney, by Oakes, Pradil & Sobral

design / execution / maintenance: Joachim Beens

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