Observer's Paradox, 2018

acrylic (& charcoal) on canvas

105 cm x 25 cm (x9)

130 cm x 60 cm (x1)

© Joachim Beens // mariondecannière


Our interpretation of reality can largely be viewed  as image-based. Photography, video games, the visual arts, and so on, all have a history of framing and trying to define realism in their own way. In his practice, Joachim Beens emphasizes and/or identifies the systems they employ to this purpose, usually by eliminating information essential to their readability. He searches for the appropriate source material and focuses on the flat surface, scanning games, books, films, and the Internet. Often, this is prosaic or cliché material, therefore he grabs not content, but form, from a confirmed viewpoint.

Beens involves the history, traditions and materiality of painting in his exploration. Ultimately, he lets intuition play a defining part in the process, to counter an altogether too rational and analytical approach.