Art Brussels 2020

Apr 23, 2020 - Apr 27, 2020

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Visit  us at booth C37 at the PRIME section!

Solo by Leon Vranken

Leon Vranken’s work is radical in its simplicity and pays tremendous attention to material and finish, expressing both tension and calm. He interweaves expectation with technical expertise. His works – sculptures, installations, photos and interventions – are mainly developed in interaction with space.

Leon Vranken is always able to disrupt direct visual recognisability by depriving everyday objects of their function and deliberately using various materials. One could describe his work as sculptural trompe l’oeils, alluring yet misleading configurations. Geometric ensembles, sophisticated sculptures and fake ready-mades are painstakingly orchestrated in space. Shape, presentation and meaning slide continuously over each other like tectonic plates. With his spatial compositions, the artist defies gravity, the viewer and the medium. The image enters into dialogue with the frame, the pedestal

Structured fluids

Zoro Feigl

14.05 - 20.06.2020


14.05 - 18:00

Feigl (1983) is intrigued by motion and by how materials behave differently when set in motion. What inspires him are changing patterns, irregularities, such as the ridges and scales in the sand of a beach that continuously change by wind and water or the twisting movement of a rope, a ribbon or a heavy chain: each material behaves in a Unique way. Feigl plays with these materials and tests their limits. In that process he distills that one exciting moment, exposes and enlarges it, and directs his audience to see what he sees. His installations seem to defy the laws of nature, sometimes threatening and overwhelming, sometimes elegant and playful.

Feigls work refers, among other things, to the struggle of mankind with control. Through constructions and technology humanity has created forces that can barely, if at all, be controlled. The machines that control the forces of nature have their limitations. In the long run our structures are just as fragile and transient as we are.

Feigl comments on the aesthetics of his kinetic predecessors and presents sleek, formal and poetic imagery with his dynamic machines. The sober forms of his installations, the subtle carpet of sound that often accompanies his work and the hypnotic regularity, at the same time deal with the naive dream of techno-optimism and offer an ingenious and strong alternative. Technology and forces of nature are our inseparable companions.

Antwerp Art Weekend

We are pleased to announce the 6th edition of the Antwerp Art Weekend. Each year, art venues in and around Antwerp put their hands together to celebrate contemporary art. Experience the city and its flourishing art scene with over 70 galleries, art spaces, temporary exhibitions, art schools and museums during this intense, four day, citywide manifestation. Truly the best time to visit Antwerp, the city of art.

mariondecannière and Emergent are working together. On a regular basis (twice a year) mariondecannière makes a space of the gallery available to Emergent, and vice versa. The goal? A particular convergence in terms of artistic content takes place in two contexts that are strikingly different from each other (the centre of Antwerp and the Grote Markt in Veurne). In short, we hope for a synergy and short circuits.
The start: simultaneously with Anna Godzina's exhibition I Sing the Space Electric, mariondecannière gives Emergent free rein in the gallery's office space. There Lukas Vandenabeele presents the exhibition AARDAPPELOGEN.